The Game ﷯ The Game plays ten tunes and you name them to win 20 virtual Trivi coins. As your Trivi trove grows, it auto-converts into real cash. The Pregame ﷯ The Pregame lets you preview Tunes for the upcoming Game. Tunes are showcased by the Question Cube, TikTok-style: Swipe up-down to switch between Tunes. Swipe left-right to switch between music Channels (such as Rock or Jazz). The sound of the Tune represents the Question and the Tune's name represents the correct Answer. To learn more about a Tune, tap on the Question Cube. Tap the Play Now button anytime to start a new Game. ﷯ Meet the Trivi Trivi is a virtual currency that you win, earn, use, sell and buy. Win 20 Trivi for correctly naming 10 tunes. Earn ten Trivi when a player you invited makes a first Trivi purchase. Use your Trivi to fix 5 wrong answers. Buy Trivi for $l each to jump-start your winning. The Trivi that you win and earn are automatically sold to other players for cash. 
﷯ How to Win Like a Pro Start each Game with at least 5 Trivi in your Blue Cube. These Trivi will automatically fix up to 5 wrong answers. Out of Trivi? Purchase more for $1 each. 
﷯ How to Fix Wrong Answers During each Game, you can automatically use up to 5 Trivi to correct up to 5 incorrect answers. A Trivi is not used if you do not answer a question. If you run out of Trivi, you can buy more for $1 each. During the Pregame, the Blue Cube displays the number of Trivi that you own. During the Game, the number of Trivi available for fixing wrong answers is displayed above the Question Cube. 
﷯ How to Earn Free Trivi When you invite a new player and the new player makes their first Trivi purchase, both of you earn ten Trivi. 
﷯ How Virtual Trivi Are Turned Into Real Cash The Trivi that you win and earn are automatically sold to other players for cash. Likewise, when you buy Trivi, they are automatically purchased for you from other players.